• 6:30 am get up, eat breakfast
  • 8 am walk big dog
  • 9 am see doctor
  • 10:30 am bump into brand-new car en route to work [NB no one was hurt; the other car got a small scratch on the left rear fender, mine might have a scratch near its front right bumper, but I can’t really tell]
  • 11 am-2 pm walk dogs in pouring rain
  • 2:30 pm go to Berwyn Police station to fill out accident report
  • 3:30 pm get back home, eat lunch, shower, call insurance company, explain accident for nth time
  • 4:30 pm get in car again
  • 5-9 pm work at library
  • 9:30 pm get home, eat dinner
  • 10 pm watch Daily Show
  • 10:30 pm read about 3 paragraphs of An American Childhood
  • 11 pm sleep

Wash, rinse, repeat–except for the car accident. I’m hoping I don’t repeat that.