better late than never: the Carnival’s next stops

That last post was mostly by way of whining and partly by way of explaining the paucity of posts of late, or at least of posts containing much in the way of original content.

One of the things that happens when people say incredibly nice things about your writing (thanks, Meredith, Greg, Mark, and my mom’s friends) is that on the one hand you think, Dude, I’m a rock star! and on the other hand you think, Cripes, I’m never going to be able to write anything again because it’s not going to live up to people’s expectations. That’s my other excuse for not writing much recently.

I have no excuse, however, for not having pointed you to the Carnival of the Infosciences #2, where you can read all kinds of great stuff from the biblioblogosphere. And I have no excuse for not pointing out that the Carnival will be moving over to Wanderings of a Student Librarian next week. You’ve still got till Sunday at 6 pm to get your submissions [here are the guidelines] in to Joy [write her at joy [at] mollprojects [dot] com], who has some great suggested topics, in case you’re looking for one. And don’t be afraid to jump on board–as Mark says, it is a friendly crowd here.