my tech-nots

After Jenna and Rochelle. . .

It once took a friend and me three or four different tries to watch a movie. First his DVD player got busted. Then we tried to use the set up our friends had at the coffee shop, but there were way too many remotes. Then we tried someone else’s setup, which I think finally worked when someone else came in to press buttons for us. I myself only recently acquired a DVD player. So far it hasn’t given me problems, but we’ll see. . . .

I’ve never used Skype or done any video or audio chatting.

I had an iPod, but it just bit the dust, and it pisses me off so much that they’re only made to last a few years that I’m not going to get another one. Besides, I like listening to my LPs and cassettes. I plan to go on using both until they completely fall apart. Occasionally I think I ought to get some kind of mp3 player that I could use to listen to downloadable audio books, but really, the process of downloading audiobooks and synching them to devices is one of the banes of my existence.

I am generally intimidated by cash registers, fax machines, and telephones with more than one line.

I don’t know how to use Photoshop (or the GIMP), although that’s something I’d like to learn (and is on the endless list of things I’m planning to teach myself, if I ever get around to it).

I have nothing against gaming, but I don’t do it myself. Ditto Second Life. (Well, I may have some issues with second life–if we’re going to bring to birth a new world from the ashes of the old, let’s do it here in first life first, please.)

Probably as a result of being a life-long Mac person, I am extremely ignorant about computer hardware. When people start talking about core processors and graphics cards and things, I just hope they aren’t going to ask for my advice.

I get asked a lot of techie questions both in my library system and in my town. A few I can answer right away; some I can’t answer at all. And the rest — well, I do my best to find answers. After all, that’s my job, right?