librarians–we’re everywhere

PopMatters now has a column called “Bad Librarian,” written by a library paraprofessional (a bibliotechnician, in his words, or a librarian in all but respect and pay, in others). Here’s his take on Section 215 of everybody’s favorite act:

Mr. Fed: Gimmee that.
Librarian 1: Sir, this is private information! You’ve no warrant!
Mr. Fed: I said gimmee.
Librarian 1: Okay, here.
Librarian 1 hands over the records and sits down to weep fitfully. Librarian 2 walks over to chat.]
Librarian 2: What was that all about?
Librarian 1 (sniffs): What?
Librarian 2: The guy with the Oakleys.
Librarian 1 (wipes nose): I really can’t say.