do you Dewey?

My new favorite blog (aside, of course, from the wonderfulness that is Overheard in New York [thanks to for pointing that one out–and note to enterprising Chicago area folk–I think there’d be a market for an Overheard in Chicago]) is the Dewey Blog.

Where else could you read about the proper cataloging of muggles (and the lack of a suitable catagory for quidditch?) or where to book books on flirting? Of course, you can also weigh in on more serious matters, such as the cataloging of graphic novels or cultural objects. But it’s things like learning that catalogers have favorite Dewey numbers that makes me a happy reader. (I myself must admit that I don’t have a favorite Dewey number, but my favorite section of the DDC is the Table of Last Resort. It’s almost as good as the Greek verb construction know as the optative of unfulfilled desire.)

The Dewey Blog does what all good blogs should: it gives a human face to something that used to seem like a monolithic block. And if, like me, you’re still trying to get a good handle on your Dewey, reading the blog is one nice way to do so.

One thought on “do you Dewey?”

  1. I didn’t have a favorite Dewey number until recently, when I found out that 333.33 is Real Estate Agents. ’cause they’re only half evil?

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