LSW coloring contest, round 2!

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a woman carrying a pile of books and a man reading
image for the new LSW coloring contest; please see post for details and a printable version
Remember the last time we had a coloring contest? Wasn’t that fun?

Let’s do it again! Using my expert librarian searching skillz, I have located this dubiously copyrighted image and made it into a coloring sheet for you all. Download and print yourself a PDF copy (or upload it into Photoshop or whatever you want to do), color, embellish, destroy, do whatever, and then send it back by September 1, 2010 to

Laura Crossett
LSW Clubhouse North
PO Box 85
Meeteetse, WY 82433

Or, if you insist, you can rescan the sucker and email it to me at newrambler at gmail dot com (but if you send it to me in the mail, I’ll send you something in return).

Update 8/10/10: Thanks to LSW member N.Ansi, we now also have an .svg version, which is handily editable in Inkscape.