three little candles

I’ve been trying to remember lately how I first figured out RSS and when I got myself set up with a Bloglines account. I remember that Morgan told me there were a lot of great radical librarian bloggers during the summer of 2003, but since that was before I even thought of going to library school. I stowed that information away somewhere, I think, and dimly remembered it when a friend sent me the Wired article about Jessamyn West. I know I saw the early announcements for Radical Reference through some lefty discussion list in the late summer of 2004, just as I was starting library school.

I can’t quite figure out just how I got into this reading blogs business, but I do know that three years ago today I decided to plonk my marbles down into the virtual dirt circle that is the blogosphere, and I started a little blog called lis.dom.

6 thoughts on “three little candles”

  1. Congratulations from this quarter also–with a touch of head-scratching.

    For some reason, I think of lis.dom as a much more “established” blog than my own odd little site–but if this is your third anniversary, that’s not true chronologically.

    Must be the superior quality of your posts. Substance can do that.

  2. See, and I always think of Walt at Random as a more established blog with better content. This goes to show something, I’m sure, though I don’t know quite what.

  3. It does seem like more than three years. But then I guess (Jessamyn aside) three years is sort of a long time in blog years.

    Happy Anniversary!

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