wordpress weirdness

In the spirit of living in beta, I’ve been playing around live a bit with my WordPress themes in the past few days. Currently I’m using Toni, which until just this evening was shoving the sidebar down to the bottom of the page in every browser I tried. It’s not at the moment, but it might again soon.

I’ve been playing around a little with Green Track, which is a lovely theme, except that when I activated my modified version, it added an e to the end of every post title, as you can see in this screenshot. Weird.

[Update: Thanks to Sadish for the explanation of this phenomenon in the comments below. Truly, the collective wisdom of the web is a wonderful thing.]
Of course, this is undoubtedly a case of a little knowledge being a dangerous thing–I know enough HTML to code my own low-tech web site, and I have grand ambitions of learning some CSS. . . but in the meantime, if you aren’t reading this through an aggregator (or if you are and start getting extraneous Es), please bear with me.

Someday I also promise to finish categorizing all my posts (and fooling around with the categories) and update my about page. . . but don’t hold your breath.

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