My hometown, Iowa City, was hit by a tornado last night.  I have heard from my mother and many friends, and so far all are okay, cats included, although everyone knows someone whose house was damaged or car destroyed.

The governor has declared a state of emergency in several counties; the University of Iowa has cancelled classes (the first time in my memory that has ever happened), and the Iowa City Public Library is closed today.  There are photos of the storm and the damage here and here and here, and Flickr has a growing collection of photos under the tag iowacity. 

It’s very weird to be 1200 miles away right now, and to have heard Dean Borg of WSUI on the national NPR newscast this morning.  For the moment I’m just  glad that so far my friends and family are safe.

2 thoughts on “tornado”

  1. We are glad to be as safe as we are, too. We missed the free ice cream at the DQ last night, are saddened at reports of looting, grieved for St. Patricks and all whose homes are not livable. I’ll never take a tornado warning lightly again.

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