(net) freedom now!

Well, after announcing to the world at large (or at any rate to readers of this blog) that I’d be attending Michael Stephens‘s presentation at Dominican, I promptly forgot to go. This is as good an argument as any for why I still keep a paper calendar–when I actually write things down in it, I remember to do them. When I rely (as I did on this occasion) on multiple electronic reminders, I realize at 11:15, in the midst of packing books, that I meant to be somewhere half an hour ago. My apologies to Michael.

In other news, you have by now I am sure you have all heard about network neutrality.

net freedom now logo

Now that you’re up on the problem, why not do something about it? Free Press, the media reform group headed by John Nichols and Robert McChesney, has started a NetFreedomNow site where you can send a message to assorted CEOs and elected officials. My friend Emily has put together some snazzy graphics with which you can grace your web site.So go grab an image, plop it on your site, and link it to http://www.netfreedomnow.org!