wouldn’t you like to be a blogger too?

Well, if you’ve ever given it any thought and you’re going to ALA, here’s your chance. Not quite ready to commit to your own blog? The Free Range Librarian details how you can blog (and party) with LITA, no experience required. Over at the Unofficial ALA Wiki, Luke of lbr blog has started a central directory for reports on various events at ALA and invites any and all to contribute. Even if you’re not going to the conference, the reports will be an excellent place to get a sense of what’s going on. (And heck, even if you are going, it’ll be a great way to see what happened at all the panels you couldn’t go to because they conflicted with the ones you did attend).

Not going to the conference? Still want to get in on the action? Well, I still have one free pass to the exhibits to give away, and if you come to the Counterpoise booth (#2745) on Monday, June 27, from 2-4 pm, you can attend the Radical Reference Skills Share, where you’ll learn how to decipher cop-speak, how to file a FOIA, and how to be a blogger, too, among other things.