updates, carnival and otherwise

Greetings from Iowa City, my hometown. I’m currently sitting downtown on the pedestrian mall, using wireless courtesy of the Iowa City Public Library. I took a last minute trip here this weekend and will be headed back today.

Due to the nature of traveling (lots of time spent with friends, not so much time spent online), I’ve only just now learned that a number of e-mails to me have been bouncing. My apologies.

Due to various crises, I also have a rich full day today, and so–with apologies to Greg if this violates the laws of the carnival–I’m going to extend submissions to 6 pm tonight, and I’ll get the carnival up tomorrow morning. So, if you haven’t been able to reach me, send a submission of a blog post (yours or one you admire, or both) from last week to lauracrossett [at ] hailmail [dot] net (which should work–and if that bounces, try laurapalooza [at] sbcglobal [dot] net). Of course, if you’ve written something this week (since 6 pm last night) that you’re especially proud of, you should save it for next week’s carnival, at Christina’s LIS Rant.

Again, my apologies for the technological snafu and the delay. I promise a carnival, due penance, and (special added bonus!) some pictures from my trip when I get back.