she’s such a geek

Are you a geek, and a writer, and a female? Why not submit an essay to a book called She’s Such a Geek, forthcoming from Seal Press next fall.

This anthology will celebrate women who have flourished in the male-dominated realms of technical and cultural arcana. We’re looking for a wide range of personal essays about the meaning of female nerdhood by women who are in love with genomics, obsessed with blogging, learned about sex from Dungeons and Dragons, and aren’t afraid to match wits with men or computers. The essays in She’s Such a Geek will explain what it means to be passionately engaged with technical or obscure topics-and how to deal with it when people tell you that your interests are weird, especially for a girl. This book aims to bust stereotypes of what it means to be a geek, as well as what it means to be female.

Thanks to pasta, you can read the full call for submissions. Thanks to Mitchell for forwarding it.