roll up for the mystery tour

The Carnival of the Infosciences #3 is here, hosted by Joy, of Wanderings of a Student Librarian fame! Meredith notes the brilliance of the whole carnival idea:

[I]t highlights bloggers who are writing great stuff and who may not yet be on people’s radar screen (probably because they haven’t been at it too long). Second, it physically brings people to different blogs every week that they might not otherwise visit, also expanding their biblioblog repetoire. Third, it’s a great reader’s digest version of the best material of the week for those of us who don’t have the time to read everything. Finally, it motivates some people to write thoughtful, interesting posts so that they can be submitted for the carnival. What a cool idea!

And, not entirely incidentally, I’ll be hosting the Carnival #4. How do you get on board? Check out the original submission guidelines, and then send your submissions to me at laura [at] newrambler [dot] net (incidentally, if you have another e-mail address for me, it will probably work too–most of them lead to the same place eventually) by 6 pm on Sunday. I’ll say 6 pm central time, since that’s where I live, but if you east coasters don’t get to it till 7, I don’t imagine it will be a problem. And if you’re submitting from outside the continental U.S. (you never know), send it on in by 0000 Greenwich mean time (or coordinated universal time, as one is apparently now supposed to call it).

And might I add that if you’ve been thinking to yourself, gee, I should start a blog, why not do so now and join the carnival? The blogging community–and the biblioblogosphere in particular–may be one of the few places where more are always welcome–at least, I have yet to hear anyone say, “@#$%!, not another goddam library blogger!” We’ve got room for all kinds of sideshows here on the virtual carnival grounds, so come join the fun!