multiple guess

A lis•dom reader writes:
So you are a librarian and someone gives you $40,646 dollars. After much celebration you decide to:
a) update your adult reference collection,
b) spend the money on developing your extremely popular movie and motion picture collection or,
c) contract with a security company to install finger print scanners on your libraries computers in order to be able to monitor Internet usage more closely.
What do you decide to do with the money?

As you know if you saw Friday’s Tribune (or, for that matter, picked up on pretty much any other Chicago media outlet–it was a slow news day, apparently), Naperville Public Library chose option c.

For further reading, check out what has to say about it all.

Really, one just has to wonder what their PR people were thinking. (Then again, this seems to be a common problem in libraries these days–have you seen Mao the Librarian at the Minneapolis Public Library? [also from the invaluable]