ALA day 3

What happened to day 2, you ask? Too much craziness! It is not often that your intrepid (okay, semi-intrepid) correspondent runs out of words, but it does happen. After a rich full day of Nancy Pearl, Siva Vaidhyanathan, gobs of incredibly cool bloggers (see subsequent entries on It’s all good for photos), and Victor Navasky, publisher of The Nation, I made my way back to where I’m staying and collapsed on the sofa, muttering “can’t. . . talk. . . too. . . much. . . stuff. . . .”

I also spent the obligatory afternoon at the exhibits yesterday. They’re kind of frightening, and I have to say, kind of overrated. Imagine a football field or two full of elaborate displays that you know are just going to get taken down in a few days, goggly-eyed librarians walking around, jaws dropped, at the scannning machines (there are machines that will turn the pages of books and scan them, like some kind of weird robot reader), and every other minute someone trying to sell you something. I did get lots of posters for the children’s room at work, many many book catalogs that I probably don’t need, and a copy of A Matter of Opinion with a lovely inscription from Victor Navasky, who happened to be at The Nation booth at the time.

Today’s schedule:
8:30 “Classism in the Stacks” talk by Sandy Berman
11:30 ALA membership meeting II (I didn’t make it to I, but I’m happy to report that the end-the-damn-war now resolution passed–we’ll see if it makes it through ALA Council)
2-4 pm Radical Reference skills share
6-9 pm Free Speech Buffet (at Roosevelt University–all are welcome!)

I’ll post more about Saturday, yesterday, and today, at some point in the near but not immediate future.

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