ALA day 1

I am up at what my friend, I am afraid to say, refers to as the butt crack of dawn, breakfasting and getting ready to head down for my first day of the conference. Here’s what I’ve got slated:

8 am Homelessness, Hunger, & Poverty Task Force meeting
10 am Nancy Pearl
1:30 pm I’m still undecided, but the possibilities include Fostering Civic Engagement (always a good idea), Religion and Intellectual Freedom (can you have both? My seminarian friend says one of the speakers is great), Do Unions and Professional Organizations Belong in Libraries? (of course they do–but I’m curious to hear what the opposition says), or possibly Emergent Literacy: And Leave No Parent Behind, although that runs till 5:30, which would preclude going to. . .
2 pm YALSA Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers (or Best Books for Young Adults)
4 pm ALA Membership Meeting (democracy at work!)
6:30 Radical Reference

All of this, of course, is subject to change.

Rumors about about the “wifi access at a discounted rate” for conference attendees. It’s either $25 for the weekend, or it’s $9.95/day, or both, or neither. In any case, either of these is out of my budget, so I won’t be blogging much directly from the conference, but I’ll try to post some updates this evening, or during the day if I stumble upon the conference’s Internet Cafe or some joint with free wifi.

For general reports on what’s going on, keep an eye on the Conference Reports over at the wiki–I’ll also index anything I do write up there.