Update: the link for the Bloglines account should work now–thanks to Mom for the tipoff.

Have I mentioned lately that my job rocks? And that librarians rock?

A few weeks ago, several of my colleagues attended Michael Stephen’s OPAL talk Ten Top Technologies for Libraries in 2006. They came away intrigued but slightly overwhelmed, and so my director has asked me to do a little talk about new technologies for libraries at the all-county staff meeting this Wednesday. I’m going to be talking about blogs and RSS, wikis, and IM. Actually, I’m thinking of subtitling my talk “How to Steal Stuff from Your Librarian Friends,” since I’ve pretty much been swiping (with Creative Commons or other permission) slides from other people’s talks right and left. Or, as I wrote to Michael Stephens shortly after I was asked to do the talk, “I get to be you!”

I’ll post a link to the talk when I get it up, probably later tonight. In the meantime, though, you might like to check out the little Bloglines account (with some Wyoming specific blogs, some general ones, and some fun stuff, but not too much of anything) that I put together to demonstrate the power of RSS. And, if I should happen to IM you on Wednesday, I’m probably doing so in front of a live audience. Consider yourselves warned.

4 thoughts on “impersonation”

  1. So what good is a link to a little bloglines account I can’t look at???? or you thought I wouldn’t?
    And did you include the wyoming knitting blog I found, all by myself, called “unwind” .
    If I were at work and not grmumpily at home, I’d send the url to you.
    love, your mother

  2. Hey, your mom is right (of course: mom is always right)–the bloglines account is “private.”

    This sounds like a fun gig. And how to steal good stuff is a great skill to learn/teach.

    Think I’ll go change my IM icon to something shocking…

  3. Thanks for using the State Library’s RSS feeds in your “little Bloglines account.” It is nice to know that some of our information is getting out…

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